Saturday, 26 November 2011

Interesting Readings From Great Investors

Value investing is a remarkably flexible framework! The beauty of this framework is that even though almost each value investor has its own unique approach to value investing, as long as the "crux" of the framework is preserved, the results obtained are equally impressive.

I have tried here to put to gather some  interesting readings on value investing from some the greatest value investors.
  • Super investors of Graham & Doddsville - An edited transcript of a speech delivered by Mr. Warren Buffet at Columbia University in 1984. A great read not only for content, but also for typical buffet style writing!
  • What Has Worked in Investing- An excellent compilation from Tweedy, Browne, describing investment approaches and characteristics associated with  exceptional return
  • Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders- Letters written by Mr. Buffet to shareholders of Berkshire every year. These letters have plentiful pearls of wisdom, insights into astuteness of a great investor Warren Buffet and his art of stock picking. A must read for all investors.
When I read through such value investing stuff, what startled me was that each investor had tweaked the original philosophy to suit his own style while preserving the basic principles, and all of them achieved spectacular success by beating the market consistently!

Enjoy reading and keep sharing!

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